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Web design

SKILLS: Design & UI

EXERIENCE: 6 years

Proper web design is crucial to the success of your website. In a fraction of a second a visitor determines whether your website is worth a visit.

Out of experience we know what design criteria a good website should meet and we take this into account when searching for a suitable design. We like working with existing (paid) templates which are customised to get an unique website. Webshifters makes sure the web design is in line with your present style.

Use of templates

By working with “proven” templates Webshifters is able to develop websites relatively quickly and there is no time lost to extensive testing of browsers and screen resolutions.

Once we have found a number of suitable templates we will present these and explain why these templates good work for you. After selection of a suitable template, we will continue with a keyword research in order to determine which -high volume- search terms are best used within the navigation (and main text) of your website.

The importance of ”call to action”

For a visitor it is important, in addition to a clear navigation structure to find its way, to be able to make a move, such as:

– Register for newsletter
– Request a quote or call
– Ordering a product / Requesting a service

Webshifters uses Google Analytics to tell whether we are on the right track and to see what should be further optimised.