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Receiving a back-link with somebody else is a kind of word-of-mouth advertising, but online. You can compare it with a good tip from someone indicating that your website is worth visiting.

Google’s algorithm looks at the number of incoming links to your website and this way determines whether your website contains interesting, popular content. If your website has many¬†(quality) back-links this will result in a higher ranking in the search engines.

Obtaining quality inbound links

Link Building is receiving inbound links from other websites. Effective link building ensures that your website scores higher in the search engines, but this needs to be done with care, since Google algorithm keeps improving in order to serve the end user and make sure using Google services continues to be an enjoyable experience.

How does link building work?

When you start link building is important to keep in mind that inbound links are the right ‘quality’ and preferably come from reliable websites.

Whether a website can be found or not is partly determined by yourself by using the correct titles, descriptions, quality content and the use of tags and, on the other hand, by your web builder. Your web builder should facilitate in the right technique and, on top of that, look after search engine friendly urls, sitemap registration and special SEO plugins.

The importance of link building

We have learnt that we can influence, but not totally control the number of incoming links. Unless we are on top of it. These back-inks are important for the ranking of your website. In the past Google would mainly look at the number of incoming links (quantity), but after the Panda and Penguin Updates from Google’s, quality back-links are those who count!

Link Building methods

There are several methods to generate inbound links, to name a few:

– Placing valuable content, which make people link to your website
– Writing articles on websites of others (guest writing)
– Have people write for / about you (eg. product review)
– Participate on (carefully selected!) blogs and forums
– Issuing of articles and press releases

Next steps in link building?

Professional link building ensures that your website ranks higher on keywords selected by you. Keywords that are used by your potential customers, if they are looking for a particular product or service!

Link building is a time consuming task. We are happy to advise you what you can do to achieve better results. Or simply let us do the work.