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Project Management

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Managing a website-, web shop-, intranet- or extranet-project can be a time consuming exercise  and successful implementation will partly depend on the knowledge of the project manager. The project manager should have some knowledge of the business itself and of the latest techniques used on the internet. So proper project management is the key to a succesful web project.

(Online) Project Management

With our knowledge of websites and online marketing, we can assist companies in developing successful web applications. If we are involved at an early stage, we can help to think about the concept and the best way to achieve objectives. We can also assist in the writing of a Functional Design or translate ideas into wire-frames, which will help to a web builder (of choice).

Find the right web developer

If you have plotted out which way to go you have to start looking to find the right web developer who can help you to realise your goals. Webshifters can be send out to shop around to find the best developer for the job. Do you already have a web developer in mind? Let us guide you or join the conversation, so you are 100% sure you make the right decision.

A helping hand

Aren’t you happy with how things work out with your current web developer? You would think some adjustments are easy and shouldn’t cost you a fortune? Or you think things good be a whole lot better? Webshifters will be able to help as an independent party and get things done (out of your name if desirable). Ask us how.