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Google Analytics

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Wondering whether you can get a better return of investment for your website? If the answer is yes, analysing your web statistics is a must. Webshifters uses Google Analytics to monitor what’s is going on, to see if things need improvement and even if Adwords is paying of the way it should.

Do you already use Google Analytics? Then we can help to determine whether you are are using every possible opportunity! We offer a (free of charge) SEO-scan to determine what could be improved.

We help clients with:

– Getting started with Google Analytics
– Optimisation of Google Analytics
– Managing Analytics and (detailed) reporting

Why Google Analytics?

Google Analytics provides detailed insight into your statistics, such as:

– What are important pages?
– Where do your visitors come from?
– Where do they leave the site?
– How one visits your website (desktop vs. mobile)
– What keywords they are using?
– How many people sign up for the newsletter, make a request etc.

Analytics advice

Curious how you can achieve more with your website using Google Analytics? Please contact us for a professional opinion.