E-mailmarketing by Webshifters

E-mail marketing

SKILLS: E-mailmarketing

EXERIENCE: 10 years

Webshifters looks after email campaigns for her clients. From strategy, design to broadcasting and analyzing campaigns.

For our own created campaigns we use the mail services of MailChimp. With MailChimp is possible to personalize campaigns, segmenting and even do split-testing to see if any other design/content converts better. All this can be measured within Google Analytics.

Understanding your customer

One of the most important thinhs within email marketing is to send  as possible and to communicate the content to match the reader. We advise you how to get through your website, a survey or specially equipped site action on the information you have and how you can best reach your audience through email marketing.

Het is binnen e-mail marketing belangrijk om zo gericht mogelijk te communiceren en de content af te stemmen op de lezer. Wij adviseren u graag hoe u middels uw website, een enquête of speciaal ingerichte actiesite over de benodigde informatie kunt beschikken en hoe u uw doelgroep het beste kunt bereiken middels e-mailmarketing.

E-mail marketing and ROI

We help customers achieve objectives by using smart solutions. By measuring an e-mailmarketing campaign we can tell whether that particular campaign is performing and whether it’s actually contributing towards an increase in sales.

Looking for support?

Are you using an e-mail platform at the moment and are you curious on how to improve existing e-mail campaigns? Contact us for advice on how to improve your services.