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Affiliate marketing

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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a form of internet marketing where advertisers reward their partners (affiliates) for generating sales or leads (such as memberships – subscriptions). Affiliates can accomplish this by placing advertisers ads such as banners, links, advertorials etc. on their website. If there is a sales generated from the referral the affiliate will receive a compensation from the advertiser. A commision model based on pay per click or pay per page view is also a possible.

Affiliate marketing is based on the principle of no cure no pay, which means that an affiliate is only paid only if there is a transaction made

Als er uit het doorverwijzen van klanten naar de adverteerders een verkoop of lead volgt, ontvangt de affiliate hiervoor een vergoeding van de adverteerder. Er kan ook per click of per page view betaald worden.

Affiliate marketing is gebaseerd op het principe van no cure no pay, wat inhoudt dat een affiliate slechts wordt betaald als deze ook daadwerkelijk bijvoorbeeld een sale heeft gerealiseerd.

How can affiliate marketing help me?

If you would like to reach a bigger crowd with your products or services, affiliate marketing might be the way to go, if your margins allow to do so.

Advice and support

Would you like to look into the opportunities of afiliate marketing? But you aren’t sure what would be good affiliate networks for you to join? Or are you interested in the best ways to serve visitors if they are coming from an affiliate network and how to measure these traffic (and thus) commision streams?

We also help customers to find their ways within the world of affiliate marketing. Call us today for useful advice.