If you need assistance in maintaining your website or webshop, or need help sending out newsletters, you can use a Webcare voucher. We will perform our services using the voucher purchased. All other services will be invoiced against a fixed hourly rate.

For an overview of our services, please refer to the services page.

How does it work?

The Webcare voucher initiative was started to provide service to our customers and works as follows:

1. Contact us with your question / problem
2. We will advise you on the action to be taken and will give insight into the required hours
3. If you are ok, you can purchase a Webcare voucher

The more hours you buy in advance, the lower the hourly rate.

Webcare – by Webshifters

Number of hours Hourly rate Price in total
Webcare 01 10 € 70,- €  700,-
Webcare 02 20 € 67,50 € 1350,-
Webcare 03 30 € 65,- € 1950,-
Webcare 04 40 € 62,50 € 2500,-

For consultancy we charge a fixed hourly rate of €85, – per hour. Prices are excluding GST and excluding travelling time.

Get your Webcare voucher!

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