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E-commerce solutions

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E-commerce solutions

Webshifters develops web shops for customers. We also manage a (small) web shop ourselves. This learnt us to understand how important it is that everything works properly; from detailed product information, payment links, fulfilment to after-service.

Developing a web shop

For the development of web shops, we would be using Magento or WooCommerce combined with WordPress , depending on the customers wish list. By using open-source platforms is relatively easy to manage the web shop by yourself. This solution is particularly suitable for smaller online shops for SMEs or for offering affiliate products. I you are looking for a more complex web shop, we can help you on your way and even bring you inc ontact with the appropriate parties.

Criteria good web shop

Use proper product descriptions and photos
Make sure the customer has a good grasp of the product by a comprehensive description, product specs and clear photos.
Look after usability
Ensure that the customer can easily navigate throughout the shop, not able to get ”lost” and that he/she is stimulated to an action (buy, subscribe).
Use a clear 404-page
If a visitor is (unintentionally) lands on a page that doesn’t exist, make sure that the visitor has an easy way to proceed.
Insightful contact options
It must be clear to the visitor where to look for questions at different stages of the visit (ordering, delivery, etc.).
Good search engine optimization (SEO)
Without proper optimization it will be difficult to obtain a good position in the search engines, which will lead to fewer sales.
Advanced search
Make it easy for your visitors to find items. With an (extended), easy to us,e search feature the customer will be able to find what he’s looking for a lot faster.
Clarity and reliability
Make sure the customer puts trust in your company by clearly defining what the customer can expect (prices including or excluding VAT, transportation costs, etc.).

Start a web shop

Always wanted to start a web shop, but not sure where to start? We are more than hapy to talk you through different options.