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Online strategy

SKILLS: Strategy

EXERIENCE: 8 years

The introduction of the Internet has created a revolution in marketing. Online campaigns are easier to measurable and therefore it’s easier to determine ROI (Return on Investment). Having a website is a start, but how to you reach your target audience and increase sales? That’s the question. A proper online strategy can help you achieve your goals.

Success also depends on your offline strategy. What are your goals and success factors? What resources are available? And which working methods can be used to to achieve this?

Online strategy

Webshifters helps companies with the visualisation of their targetgroup. This way we can determine what will be the best way to approach these customers online. Internet makes the world a small place, but you probably won’t be able too serve the entire community. Therefore segmentation and understanding of your audience is important.

Next step is to determine which tools should be used to spread your message, examples are:

– Optimizing your website for better organic ranking (tstarting point!)
– Advertising within search engines and/or Social Media (eg Google Adwords, Facebook or LinkedIn)
– Utilising Social Media (start a channel of come up with special campaign)
– Link Building

Objectives online marketing

Clear goals give direction to your actions. But what is achievable online? And how you can best achieve these goals? Ask us today.